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A Coven of Blood and Iron

War is coming, and the mighty nation of K√≥rinthos is torn apart by the clash of witches and demons, a saga of the wicked and evil. Reemerging from their empyrean resting places, the Greek Gods of lore have begun to imprison all demonic beings regardless of their innocence.  Chimera BlackClaw is brutality incarnate. But when her second in command, Belladonna, is detained by Hades' reapers for unjust reasons, Chimera will obliterate any barrier to grant her friend liberation. Even if she must also free an entire bastion of the underworld. Accompanied by her sisters in sorcery, the Thirteen, Chimera embarks on a mission to rescue her best friend from a fate graver than death. Yet her impulsive actions result in utter pandemonium. With death looming and an entire kingdom of witches eager to slash their iron claws across Chimera's throat for her betrayal, Chimera will have to seek refuge in the most unexpected of places. Chimera, the heir of fire and ash, must sacrifice her place am

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