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Curiouser and Curiouser...

No queen is subservient. 
For decades, the royal family of Cordisa has allowed the Queen of Hearts to dictate their rule. The cunning people of Spades have allowed the mad queen of Wonderland to poison their souls. To twist their minds. Not anymore. The Princess of Cordisa, Valerie Madeline Jones, has lost anyone she has ever loved. Her father had aspirated the greedy disease of dementia is suffering through an agonizing fading, death made excruciatingly more painful. Her fiancé, Chester, never recovered from a fatal head injury. Her loyal subjects have been devastated by the Queen of Hearts' increasingly harsh regulations.
Now a red queen has risen out of the ashes and blood of her former life. Now Valerie will lead the rebellion as her subjects prepare to take arms for the inevitable war. As Valerie navigates the dangerous political world of the royal court, and tries to differentiate enemies from allies, to separate diplomacy from passion, she covertly brews rebellious feelings i…

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