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Only queens with hearts can bleed.
Silver Petrova's mother, the infamous Evil Queen who reigns over the mysterious, elite kingdom of Velaris, is thrown into a dangerous political game to save her beloved kingdom. Natasha Petrova, the rebellious queen formerly known as Alina Petrova, who liberated herself from the constraints of the Grimm storybook that depicts the tale of her nemesis Snow White, must prevent the evil that is brewing within her beloved kingdom from spreading, must prevent Velaris  from succumbing to the fatal grasps of the ever growing evil constraints. But as the dark depths of Velaris unravel with stark clarity, Natasha must confront the feral demons of her past in order to remain one step ahead of her cunning enemies or she will lose all she holds dear in her cold, dark heart. Will the Evil Queen who supposedly has no heart end up with a heart that's broken? Ripped to crimson shreds by animalistic forces? However, only queens with hearts may bleed, and Natash…

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