Mirror mirror, the time is nearer,‎
for the o-so-spooky holiday! 
  Each passing day of the fall month of October, draws us closer to the much anticipated holiday, Halloween. Thanks to a Halloween themed submission entry for the magazine Montreal Writes, comes my newest short story, "Faux".  Likewise with my other stories, I cannot post the full version here, because if my submission gets accepted, Montreal Writes will be publishing it in their online magazine. However, I am now providing an exclusive exert from my newest piece. Enjoy, and thank you for reading. ‎
 "Then, of course, there is the fun of it. The chance to harness one's inner adolescence. The adrenaline that it instigates. Being outside, in the ghoulish light of the moon, surrounded by close friends, and confidantes, as you trek from house to house to collect goods, instead of following your normal routine, breaking up the monotony of life.  But before this can occur, there is a necessary decision one must first make. One that thousands have made before me, and thousands more still continue to make. One that I must make now" (Zaccaria, "Faux", Page 1) .


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