Are You Ready For It?

  We've all pondered it. Or at least inadvertently wondered about the answer to that question. What the life of royalty is truly like. What it means to have so many know your name, your title, yet so few know your true self. Coming October 2019 is: "The Sovereign".  A tale of the momentous day eighteen year old Katerina Elena Alexandrovna has been waiting for her entire life. What all the lessons, the training, the practices, and the rules, was all preparing her for.  For one seemingly far off day that will come to initiate the rest of her future with it's arrival. Her coronation. ‎

  This story will be entered in the upcoming Polar Expressions Summer Writing Contest of 2020. I am unfortunately unable, as per competition rules, to post the full story elsewhere. However, if I am published in their book, then you will be able to read it there. If not, I will post it here. ‎


  1. I cannot wait to read this story!!

  2. Hey! It's October! Please remember to post the story! Thanks

  3. Thank you both for your interest in my story, if you're not aware, I would like to point out that a post concerning "The Sovereign" has just been posted.


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